Friday, 3 October 2008

Don't We Just Adore Blind Faith?

Don't we just adore blind faith?

Green Beetle

Cryptocephalus hides his head
Not in the sand, nor in his bed,
Instead it's there for all to see
Metallic green on Hazel tree.

He has no shoulders nor a neck,
So birds don't know which end to peck,
Like debris from a welding spree
Metallic green on Hazel tree.

Once forged by fairy farrier
He shuns the aurucaria.
Prefers to nibble tenderly,
Metallic green on Hazel tree.

Deep within the dusty vault
A scarab beetle dry as salt
Wishes he could one day be
Metallic green on Hazel tree.

Cryptocephalus hides his head
Behind a name that's seldom said
Which hardly brings to mind for me,
Metallic green on Hazel tree.
(Penned 1st September 2008)


Christine B said...

Cryptocephalus - what a delicious word! I read the poem, looked Cryptocephalus up on the web to find out more and then read the poem again. Enjoyed reading the poem aloud and getting my tongue round those lush words - and learned something too! A very enjoyable 10 minutes.
Good luck with the blog Mavis - I shall take inspiration which will hopefully show up in my "homework"
Christine B

Gallinago said...

Hard to top a poem with a beetle genus in it. :-)