Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Them and Us

You're different from me
Look, you have freckles, and your hair is longer than mine.
We're different from them
Look, they have external reproductive organs,
But at least we're not like them.
Look, they've got big noses and speak with accents,
However, we are all more important than them.
They don't speak at all.
Look, they have four feet and some even crawl on their bellies.
Even so, we all have brains which is better than them.
They just grow in one place and can't think.
Nevertheless, they are organic which is superior to those.
They're not alive, only mineral.
They were bound together in sea beds and in volcanoes.
Which makes them more complex than those.
They formed in the stars.
But they're not completely un-transmutable.
Look, their nuclei are made from quarks.

When they burnt my Gran at the crematorium, all that was left was ashes,
We keep them in an urn on the mantle piece.

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